War Heritage Institute

#CultureSurviveChallenge, culture comes knocking!

Dear public, culture comes knocking!

We are experiencing exceptional times. The quarantine measures intended to limit the spread of the coronavirus made us shut down our sites. But although our doors are closed, we keep our minds open and our enthusiasm for sharing and transmitting knowledge remains intact! To accompany you in this historical period of consignment and to maintain our link with you, we have prepared a selection of items you will be able to discover over the following days and to share with family and friends through our Facebook page War Heritage Institute and our event #culturesurvivechallenge.

Human solidarity is our most prized possession. Social distancing is our civic duty! Consigned at home, yes, but together. The World Health Organization (WHO) established that isolation can have severe effects on mental health. However, its recent studies also confirm that museum visits, arts and culture can help us relax and distress by diverting our attention from the stream of information about the illness.


Covid-19 made schools close their doors for an indefinite period of time. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The coronavirus paralyzes our country, but we can put this bad experience to good use by observing and being curious. Teaching undoubtedly is a true profession, but educating is everybody’s business. Learning is also possible outside the school perimeter. You are probably killing time by reading, watching Netflix, playing board and video games, baking or engaging in other manual activities. Boredom will probably also hit, but the upside of boredom is that it kindles imagination. Culture is another way to go…

**Share your tips: books and films that you appreciated, your favourite music, paintings and sculptures you like, virtual museum visits, recently discovered documentaries, monuments that drew your attention when you were exploring a city. You are writing? You’re looking forward to an event? This period of social distancing is the moment par excellence to share your passions and to spread Culture!

Therefore: stay at home, but in our company, and take care!