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Fallen even before the war: Lieutenant Menschaert

Everybody can be involved in a dispute at one time or another. The parties then often agree to compromise. In November 1939 Lieutenant Maurice Menschaert and Private Porton unfortunately pushed the limits of their disagreement. Punished by the Lieutenant, Private Porton was out on revenge and he shot the lieutenant even before the outbreak of war. The latter was buried in his native town of Burst a few days later. However, his grave disappeared when the local cemetery was reorganized.

In 2019 the FNC/NSB learned about Lieutenant Menschaert’s unfortunate fate. In collaboration with local authorities the FNC/NSB gave Lieutenant Menschaert a new grave and had his name engraved on the Burst war memorial. Maurice Menschaert had indeed been prepared to defend his country against an attack, but never got the opportunity to fight the enemy because of a sad twist of fate.