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On November 11, visit the grave of a Forgotten Hero buried in your local cemetery

In these corona virus times it is best to stay home as much as possible. However, an open-air visit to a local cemetery is possible, especially when observing the security measures. Numerous graves are marked by a commemorative Pro Patria plaque.

The First World War ended on November 11, 1918. November 11 is the designated day on which we remember all Belgian soldiers fallen in combat during the First and Second World Wars, as we also remember Our Forgotten Heroes. Following the end of hostilities in 1918 and 1945, many of the Belgian soldiers fallen in combat were buried in a military cemetery or a military park of honour. Many were brought, at the requests of their families, to their home town and (re)buried there. Some of those repatriated were afforded a private grave, while for others, the municipal authority provided a grave in a municipal park of honour. However, the graves have not escaped the ravages of time, and many have since disappeared. Yet many thousands of the graves of these repatriated 'Heroes' have continued to be maintained. To stop the memory of those fallen in combat from being lost, the War Heritage Institute (WHI) initiated 'Our Forgotten Heroes'.

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