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Covid Safe Ticket

Dear visitors,

In Brussels and in Wallonia, our sites follow the current security measures and the introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket. Visitors between 12 and 16 must either present a Covid Safe Ticket or wear a mask, and the Covid Safe Ticket is compulsory for visitors over the age of 16. With the Covid Safe Ticket, the wearing of a mask is no longer mandatory in our premises.

These rules apply:

  • From 15 October at the Army Museum (Brussels)
  • From 1 November in Bastogne Barracks (Bastogne)

⚠️ For school groups, the CST is not compulsory but then the mask obligation remains in order to guarantee ev...

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À l'occasion de la commémoration des 70 ans de la guerre de Corée, des cérémonies locales seront organisées dans plusieurs communes belges.

Ci-dessous, vous trouverez, listé par date, la date et le lieu de ces évènements. De plus amples informations peuvent être obtenues auprès des communes concernées.

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Le War Heritage Institute recrute:

  • 1 assistant stagiaire contractuel (m/v/x) pour la conservation et à la restauration du patrimoine en papier historique (contrat de trois mois).

Le War Heritage Institute (WHI) gère et coordonne un réseau de musées et de sites militaires exceptionnels : le Musée royal de l'Armée et de l'Histoire militaire, le Mémorial national Fort Breendonk, Bastogne Barracks, le Dodengang et le Kemmelberg.

Dans le cadre du projet du projet CAHN. (BRAIN-be 2.0 Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks PHASE 2 - 2018-2023, CONTRACT NR B2/202/P2/CAHN “Congo-Arab Heritage...

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Come and catch Museum Night Fever on Saturday 23 October 2021. Twenty-nine Brussels museums await you for a roaring night.

The War Heritage Institute/Royal Military Museum is one of them and focuses on its Great Hall, decked out in dazzling colours for the occasion. Plastic artist EloH surprizes both ears and eyes with “Mine de rien”, a trialogue between installation, video mapping and vjing. Through their project “Icarus 80” the students with the “Word” and “Music” sections of the Artistic High School in Brussels revisit the Greek myth by adding a splash of eighties rock ‘n’ roll. Still want more? You are an...

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Aviation Hall

Due to an event in Brussels, the Aviation Hall in the Royal Military Museum will be closed to the public on Sunday 12 September. We thank you for your understanding.

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Europa Expo organises its expo in Liège, ‘Napoleon - Beyond the myth’.

This immersive cultural adventure traces the many facets of Napoleon Bonaparte, who still continues to influence our daily lives two centuries after his death.

The objective and critical approach of the scenography of this exposition will let you bear witness to the live and work of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Royal Army Museum has lend some original pieces to the exposition.

Discover these pieces and many more in Liège, open for visit untill the end of January 2022.

More info

Visiting all corners of the world, that’s possible during the guided tours at the Royal Army Museum and the Art & History Museum. Let a guide at the Art & History Museum take you on a journey, and go from Canada via South America over Indonesia and Vietnam to China, Nepal and India. Via a hidden passway you make the crossover to the Royal Army Museum. A stop on the top of the Triumphal Arch will show you the breathtaking view over Brussels. In the Royal Army Museum you depart from the aircraft hall. The guide will then lead you into the footsteps of soldiers deployed on far away fronts.


Come face to fa...

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Travel around the world in one afternoon? That's possible during our children activity this summer! Our Education Service will take you a on a journey for an afternoon full of surprises in the Royal Army Museum. Of course this also includes something to eat and drink! And anyone who travels obviously loves to bring home a souvenir. You make them all by yourself during a creative hour.

For children between 8 and 12 years old.


In Dutch:

Friday 9 July, 13:30 - 16:30

Wednesday 18 August, 13:30 - 16:30

In French:

Wednesday 14 July, 13:30 - 16:30

Wednesday 25 August, 13:30 - 16:30


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The winners of the schoolcontest “Marie & Operation Nord Sea 1944-‘45” are known! Congratulations to primary schools De Zonnebloem from Sint-Amands, Sint-Jan from Ledegem and Twinkel from Oostwinkel! They came to Zeebrugge on Tuesday to collect their prize.

Thank you to all the schools who participated.

Be sure to visit this magnificent exposition, which includes the anti-aircraft gun of the British warship HMS Roberts from our collections.

Tickets and info: www.seafront-zeebrugge.be

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MESA 2021

On June 24th we’ll be in Bastogne, and you?! Take part in the European March of Memory and Friendship (MESA) (8, 16, 24 or 32 km) and meet us at the Mardasson Memorial to discover 3 of our vehicles!

Only a couple of days left to register.

Info and registrations: http://www.marche-mesa.com/inscriptionen.html

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