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Our Forgotten heros and the commemorative Pro Patria plaques

Just like in the Mons local cemetery, commemorative Pro Patria plaques adorn war graves all over the country. They are posted by both enthusiastic volunteers and local authorities (French speaking video).

Wish to know more about Belgian military casualties and our forgotten heroes? Go to www.wardeadregister.be!

The 'Our Forgotten Heroes 14-18' initiative was started by the WHI in 2018, marking the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War. Their memory lives on where they spent their lives, as numerous municipalities have lent their support to this project. The result of this is that 3,700 'Pro Patria' remembrance plaques and 1,000 remembrance signs now adorn around 275 municipal cemeteries. Since the '75 years of Liberation' celebrations began, the 'Our Forgotten Heroes 40-45' project has also been in existence since 2019. Some 141 municipalities are now honouring their repatriated 'Forgotten Heroes' from the Second World War with 2,700 'Pro Patria 40-45' remembrance plaques and 200 remembrance signs.